Dear School Leaders (Become A Member):

Your Vision and Mission
Your Interests
Your Methodologies and Instructional Practices
Your Internal Accountability Priorities
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Your Association!

Only your Association can and does play this vital role of exclusively addressing the comprehensive range of representational, policy, advocacy, strategic communications and technical support needs of DC’s Charter School Leaders themselves.

July is MEMBERSHIP MONTH for your Association. Our fiscal year is July 1 – June 30, and it is time to renew or join! Enrolling nearly half of all public school students, DC’s charter schools must make our collective power felt at a particularly crucial time! Charter School Leaders must be part of the policy- making process on all major decisions involving the direction of public education in the District. The voices of charter school leaders, teachers, parents, and students must be heard. Collectively, they are a force to be reckoned with – and it is the membership Association that they have created that must forge and facilitate the effectiveness of that unified policy presence.

As education reform policy continues to change in the District, your Association continues to forge crucial relationships and to chart strategic directions, particularly in the areas of support to School Leaders as you organize and mobilize to positively influence policy makers, elected officials, and your Authorizer; to engage parents; and to strengthen academic quality.

Over the next several years the District will make important decisions that will affect both sectors of public education and the relationship between them -- decisions that will affect the course of public education for years to come -- and charters must be at the table. Decisions will be made about school budgets, school boundaries, rules for out of boundary placement, decisions on disposition of buildings and joint use of facilities, and rules for lotteries, neighborhood preference, and other devices for choosing applicants. The Association is the only organization officially representing the Charter School Leaders in the policy debate.

You may be aware that the Association’s Board of Directors has decided that DCACPS serves as Plaintiff in the charter school funding equity lawsuit developed by The Marcus Firm and funded by FOCUS, on your behalf. Because your Association serves as Plaintiff by way of associational standing, the success of this lawsuit will result in equal and uniform funding for all charter schools; and clarification from the court as to interpretations of the School Reform Act. These vitally important outcomes are central to your viability and sustainability, as you grapple with inadequate funding; and as instability and uncertainty with respect to how the SRA will be interpreted as leadership continues to change and churn at the executive and legislative levels, persists.

Your Association needs your financial support in order to reach its full potential as a powerful partner to you. The Board has decided that the dues structure for FY 2017 will remain at $8.00/pupil – .08% of each school’s base funding. We know you understand that autonomy and financial support go hand-in-hand. Help to keep your Association accountable only to you by supporting our collective vision and work.

Association Members enjoy being part of a Movement committed to ensuring that the District’s children will always have the opportunity to find a school environment that best meets their needs. As a Member, you will have a voice in determining the strategic direction, activities, and issues of the Association, and benefit from our Member services and group purchasing opportunities – including eligibility to place your exemplary students, parents, teachers, principals, and administrators in nomination for the DC Charter School STARS Tribute.

Your Association appreciates your leadership and commitment to the students of the Nation’s Capital. We look forward to working with you now and in the months and years ahead. If you have any questions or need additional information, please feel free to contact me.

In Your Service,
Ramona Hoage Edelin, Ph.D.
Executive Director