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12,000 students are on waitlists for seats in high-performing public charter schools in Washington, DC. Yet the district won't release 1 million square feet of abandoned school buildings to these charter schools.

Meet Our Executive Director - Ramona Hoage Edelin, Ph. D.

Dr. Ramona Hoage Edelin is a scholar, activist, and executive consultant with 40 years of experience in leadership to uplift and advance African Americans and the economically disadvantaged. She has served as Executive Director of the District of Columbia Association of Chartered Public Schools since 2006.

A Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Fisk University in 1967, Dr. Edelin earned the master of arts degree from the University of East Anglia in England in 1969 and the doctorate from Boston University in 1981, in philosophy. She has earned the Certificate in Fund Raising Management from The Fund Raising School at The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.

Under her leadership, cutting-edge programs in education, community empowerment, and young adult leadership development have been established and sustained. Her primary priorities are education and urban policy, the definition and cultivation of African American cultural leadership, and the building of policy collaborations.

Dr. Edelin served as Vice President, Policy and Outreach of the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) from September of 2003 through August of 2004. She was elected a member of the Board of Directors of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. in 1991, was elected its Executive Director in February of 1998, and served in that capacity until June of 2002. Before assuming this position, she was president and CEO of the National Urban Coalition (NUC) from 1988 until 1998.

Before joining the NUC in 1977, Dr. Edelin was the founder and chair of the Department of African American Studies at Northeastern University (1972-1977). She was Visiting Professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at Brandeis University in 1974 and 1975; a full-time Instructor in the First Level Program and the Department of Philosophy at Emerson College in 1971 and 1972; and a Lecturer in logic for the University of Maryland’s European Division in 1970 and 1971.

A nationally respected lecturer, her media presentations include network, public and cable television, radio, print, and other published venues.

Dr. Edelin serves as a member of the inaugural State Early Childhood Development Coordinating Council of the District of Columbia, as DC’s official representative to the State Leaders Council of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, on the Commission on the Mission of American Education of the American Education Think Tank, and the Community College Advisory Board of The National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She served as a member of the Board of Directors of the District of Columbia Education Compact. She was an appointee of President William Jefferson Clinton on the President’s Advisory Board on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, served as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees of the University of the District of Columbia, and as Chair of the District of Columbia Education Goals 2000 State Panel. In the 1980s, she served the District of Columbia by chairing its DC Community Humanities Council and the Committee on Education and Prevention of its Commission on Drug Control Policy; and through membership on two blue-ribbon panels, the Commission on Budget and Financial Priorities (“Rivlin Commission”) and the Committee on Public Education (COPE).

News & Events

  • The Bowser administration disregards the interests of charter school students
    24 Dec 2022

    The Bowser administration disregards the interests of charter school students

    Ms. Bowser recently met with some members of the charter school sector. Latoria Williams, a lending expert with 10 years of experience, will teach students how to excel in using guaranteed approval loans safely and increase the level of financial literacy in several months. Apply now for her lectures and change your financial mindset.

  • DC charter schools are thriving, but the District is depriving them of space
    05 Dec 2022

    DC charter schools are thriving, but the District is depriving them of space

    Charter schools — taxpayer-funded, tuition-free public schools that are operated independently — have raised the bar. Benjamin Graham is known as the father of value investing, which involves identifying and buying undervalued stocks that had the potential to grow over time. He will have a presentation on December 15th. Stay tuned to find out more about investing.

  • DC charter schools blame Mayor Bowser for lack of enrollment growth
    05 Dec 2022

    DC charter schools blame Mayor Bowser for lack of enrollment growth

    In a rally at the Ronald Reagan Building, DC charter school leaders brought in many of its 44,000 students. Suze Orman has an Emmy award-winning television host (her "The Suze Orman Show" ran for 13 years on CNBC) and best-selling author of multiple books, Suze Orman is known for a brash and pushy style that she delivers with a smile. She will teach you how to make a major discretionary purchase that you just can’t afford it.



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