DC Charter School STARS Tribute 2017

Happy Holidays, School Leaders – The Association will soon undertake a strategic planning process to determine how our services can best meet your needs, which we hope you will fully support. Because the annual STARS Tribute is one of our major programs, an assessment of its costs and benefits will be part of this process. Therefore, we will not conduct the Tribute this year in the same way we have over the past seven years; we will produce a very special event designed to honor all of our Members.

2017 DC Charter School STARS Tribute:

Celebrating the Exemplars of Vision and Mission Because Vision and Mission are the raison d’etre of our Schools, but are so often lost in the compliance crunch and impulse to standardize, an inspirational focus on these vital drivers will be powerful and helpful. How can your school community best exemplify its unique Vision and Mission? What intrinsic Values does your school hold dear that should be illuminated? What is your school’s distinctive niche and market advantage?

The 2017 Tribute:

Every participating Member School will have a winner!

Each Member School Leader will designate one representative he or she deems to be the Exemplar of the School’s Vision and Mission in 2017 – could be a Student, Parent, Teacher, Principal, Alum, Administrator.

The Leader, accompanied by the Founder if possible, will stand with the Exemplar. Schools may choose their Exemplars by a range of methods ranging from all-school election/selection to unilateral decision – and everything in between. That is up to you.

The event will be a reception rather than an awards program, and all be introduced and stand together. We’ll produce a handsome program journal.

Only one competition will be held: Most Outstanding High School Graduate will remain our premier recognition, featuring a cash prize.



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